Research and technology
in forest production

GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Our Research and Development projects also target forestry operations and seek to help maintain competitiveness and support the Company’s expansion projects. Forest productivity is one of the main action focuses on this front, in which we have made important progress.

The installation of the Technology Center accelerated the characterization of wood for the tested genetic materials. In 2019, three new clones were recommended, with 22% higher productivity compared to the existing forestry base.

With regard to the pine genus, a new species is being planted, Pinus maximinoi [hypertext], capable of generating 20% more wood to supply our factories, without loss of properties and quality in the final product.

Innovation and technology transfer in forest management are R&D focuses, aiming to enhance the productivity of Klabin’s forests Interactions of biotic and abiotic factors are evaluated for the allocation of pine and eucalyptus forests in order to capitalize the productive gains of each genus, according to the regions in which the Company operates. To that end, we have specialists dedicated to the areas of genetic improvement for eucalyptus and pine, biotechnology and cloning, nutrition and forestry, ecophysiology and forest protection.