New business

New business

A new business area in the Packaging Unit, structured in 2019, works with a focus on seeking innovative solutions for the market, aligned with consumer behavior trends for a more sustainable future. The development of new products and markets with this vision has resulted in several research projects that are underway and the launch of innovative products. The following are highlighted:

Biodegradable tray for fruits and vegetables

Developed in corrugated board from clean fibers (used for the first time and without contaminants), guaranteeing the integrity of the goods during transportation, storage and exhibition.

SHELFLIFE coffee packaging

Airtight packaging, with high barrier film and protection from light, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It contributes to the preservation of the aroma, flavor and quality of the beans and allows high-quality printing.

Foil rolls

100% recyclable, made from renewable source material, formatted for high-performance printing, allowing the configurations of size, barriers and printing to be prepared according to customer specifications.

Bag in box

Solution for the disposal of liquids, it can also be used as an exhibition display. Produced from clean fiber, it has a handle to aid during transport and that serves as a support when the position is inverted to facilitate the complete outflow of the liquid.

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