Customer focus

GRI 102-40, 102-43, 102-44

The strategies to position the sustainability attributes of our brand have contributed to always strengthening Klabin as a benchmark in the market.

In many cases, even before we spark consultations and other types of interaction, such as workshops with the main brand owners on the market, we are sought after by customers to present everything we do and our approach for the future.

Another important aspect is that, in our annual satisfaction or perception surveys, our businesses rely on an important tool to identify strengths and opportunities to improve products, processes and performance. Quality, safety, qualification, technical support and sustainability indicators are part of the consultations. Customer feedback and insight are also obtained at various times, such as during commercial and technical visits or during specific consultations.

Among the surveys applied for each company’s business, we can highlighted  the satisfaction survey conducted in the Pulp business, as it is applied annually and has a very significant rate of return (over 80% of sales revenue). 

The main topics assessed within the methodology are: 

– Sales negotiation and response time 

– Logistics and delivery 

– Product quality and technical support 

– Product development 

– Klabin Communication and Sustainability Report 

In 2019, the rate of return was 75%. The average satisfaction score received by Klabin in 2019 was 4.4, increasing 10% compared to the scored in previous years, achieving the goal of reaching at least 4.

With the adoption of the Packaging School tool, we are able to analyze the weak and strong points along the customer’s production chain, offering them, for example, cash handling training and technical assistance, development of new processes and products, thus increasing sales and operational performance for our customers.