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GRI 102-1, 102-2, 102-5, 102-10, 102-12

Klabin S.A. is a publicly traded company founded in 1899, operating 18 plants in Brazil1 and one in Argentina.

Largest producer and exporter of packaging paper in Brazil, leading producer of cardboard, corrugated cardboard packaging and industrial bags in Brazil, it is also the country’s only company to offer the market the finest solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulps.

Commitment to sustainable development is a premise for Klabin’s business deals. . In line with the new macro consumer trends, the Company is prepared to offer the market solutions based on secure, lightweight, efficient and recyclable packaging, resulting from renewable, biodegradable and flexible sources.

Klabin has been included in the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) since 2014.

It is also included in CDP’s “A List” for its programs on Water Management, Climate Change and Supplier Engagement Rating. . The company’s Forest program also deserves highlight A-, according to the CDP.

The Company is also featured in the WWF Environmental Index, with a 90.5% score in the Packaging category.

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1The Horizonte Unit in Ceará, purchased in 2019, is included in the total units of this report, but other data were disregarded since operations began in 2020.