Information technology
for Klabin of the future

In 2019, we promoted technological updates of our information systems to enhance synergy and strengthen the management of costs, budgets and information security, among other fronts. Noteworthy initiatives include:

Implementation of a unified communication and collaboration platform for videoconferences and information sharing through the cloud, as a solution to the limited capacity of email boxes. Gain by reducing travel costs and risks. During the Covid-19 crisis, employees’ remote work implementation.

Implementation of the Minha Klabin Portal, intended for direct and indirect employees. It provides streamlined access to documentation, information and tools to simplify processes and services for employees.

Enabling the Jornada Cloud for cloud data storage, significantly expanding the processing and storage capacity.

Expansion of Wi-Fi network in the operational areas of the plants in Monte Alegre, Ortigueira, Goiana and Lages. In Angatuba, the network will be implemented in 2020.