Engagement initiatives

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Recent challenge for Klabin’s Communication is the expansion of its base of individual investors (private individuals) in 2019, reaching 110,000 persons and prompting the Company to seek more efficient interaction channels to provide these stakeholder with the most relevant information. Digital media has proven to be useful. A good example was the announcement of the acquisition of the Horizonte Unit, in the state of Ceará, disclosed through one of the company’s social network channels and whose comments, in large part, were from individual investors expressing their pride in investing in Klabin.

Also among the Company’s stakeholders groups are: employees, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, certifying agencies, public entities, educational institutions, the press, unions, civil entities, social organizations and communities surrounding its operations.

Learn more about relationship actions in Local Development.

To define our stakeholders,we have adopted the following process:

Analysis of internal documents, such as policies, procedures, relationship reports and interviews with leaders.

Consultations with representatives of the identified groups to understand their needs and expectations.

Data are consolidated and groups arranged in order of priority according to their degree of criticality, dependency and impact

Based on the definition of our priority audiences, engagement actions are planned and implemented:

Employees Customers Suppliers Regulatory bodies Investors Communities
Meetings or direct contact;
Daily Safety Dialogues (DDS)
Contact by phone and e-mail;
technical visits;
presence of the Klabin team at the customer’s facilities (occasional)
Customer Portal
Contact by phone and e-mail;
negotiation meetings
Contact by phone and e-mail;
Contact by phone and e-mail;
submission of online forms;
Investor Report
Financial statements;
investor portal;
Meetings or direct contact;
IR website;
periodic information disclosed by the CV;
capital market events;
visits to operating units
Communication Channels (e-mail, hotlines, letters, interaction with field employees);
face-to-face meetings;
annual survey with communities
Daily Daily and on demand Periodic and on demand Periodic and on demand Daily Daily
Positive relationships, no conflicts Positive relationships, insights for innovative solutions and increased transparency Positive relationships, long-term contracts and established partnerships Positive relationships, long-term contracts and established partnerships Positive, mostly long-term relationships Insights, suggestions, recommendations and complaints are referred to Management Close and transparent relationships, open for complaints, suggestions and compliments. Engagement with communities for the management and mitigation of impacts through
Meeting labor demands (wages, benefits and improving work environment infrastructure);
ensuring health and safety in the workplace;
training and development;
career plan
Product quality; price reduction; meeting deadlines;
technical assistance;
innovation and development of new solutions;
transparency in the relationship
Revenue (within the deadline);
compliance with the terms of the contract;
expansion of products offered and units served;
higher market value
Payment of taxes and fees;
job and income generation;
support for social projects;
compliance with legislation, standards and technical standards;
improving the relationship to a more frequent and consolidated partnership
Evolution of results and prospects, understanding Klabin’s markets, long-term strategy Direct impacts on people’s daily lives, related to vehicle traffic associate with operations, traffic accidents, noise, odor and dust generation, interference in the use of water, shading in agricultural crops, absence or material damage to fences and borders.

Consultations to survey topics and concerns and to promote engagement actions have been carried out since 2014 and are continuously monitored and updated:

Ativo 6

Communities attentively heard

Annual perception surveys are also conducted in certain cities Analysis of diagnoses are carried out in Paraná, for example, in harvesting and wood transportation areas to characterize neighboring communities, potential impacts, identify leaders and other representatives. Based on the assessment, meetings are held – Pre-Operational Dialogues, or individual meetings –, as well as house-to-house communications.

We also lead the Anthropic Monitoring Committee, in Paraná. Through monthly meetings, we monitor and discuss socioeconomic data with public managers in the cities in the Area of Direct Influence of the Monte Alegre and Puma Units. The goal is to monitor impacts and act to eliminate or minimize them.

In 2019, the “Communities” category was added to the Fale com a Klabin channel to optimize the process of determining and responding to community complaints

New communication platform

An extranet – online communication platform with controlled access, intended for investors, suppliers, the community and customers –, was structured at Klabin and will be incorporated over time. The channel allows the consultation of information, clarification of doubts and access to self-services.

With such solution, Klabin intends to gain productivity, reinforce its positive brand image and provide a positive experience for the public.